Photo by Eugenio Guasco, resident of Ria

Photo by ©Eugenio Guasco




The villa is perched on a hillside, situated in an historic mountain village in the Piedmont lower-Alps of North-West Italy, where herders, chestnut harvesters and hemp dryers started their activities 1,000 years ago. The name of the area, Valle Del Cervo, means valley of the deer.

The season is June through August/September. We are at the foot of the Alps, not far from the Swiss border, and the elevation is 780 meters. The area is best reserved for people with very flexible weather preferences as the weather if very variable. Personally, we love it when it gets really hot and then the craziest lightening-thunder storm totally changes the temperature, fills the valley with fog, and you end up pulling out that wool sweater for a cool, hot-chocolate kind of evening.


Due to being tucked away in the mountains, you will need a car to arrive and enjoy the area. The location is a 20 minute drive from Biella or 1.5 hrs from the Milano Malpensa airport.

Rental of tourist vans with an English or French speaking guide:

You may take hikes, visit world class sanctuaries, enjoy small picturesque villages, or take day trips to culture centers like Milan or Turin.

There is also a location for art production 1/2 drive away at Casa Regis - Center for culture and contemporary art.